Courses Taught

University of Calgary, Community Health Sciences Dept.
• Social Research in Disability, Health and Rehabilitation Disablement, 2021
• Practicum in Rehabilitation Practice, 2021
• Advanced Study Topics in Community Rehabilitation, 2021

Carleton University, Women’s and Gender Studies
• Disabling Society, Online Course, 2021
• Introduction to Disability Studies, Online Course, 2020
• Disabling Society, Online Course, 2020

King’s University College at Western University, Disability Studies Program
• Madness and Mad Studies, Online Course, 2021

McMaster University, Department of Sociology
• Social Problems, In-class Course, 2019

Ryerson University, Interdisciplinary Studies Department
• Disability Issues, Online Course, 2017
• Disability Issues, Online Course, 2017
• Disability Issues (with Kim Collins), In-class Course, 2017

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