Research Overview

My primary areas of interest include the sociology of sexualities, sociology of gender, sociology of disability, and critical disability studies as well as their intersections.


The Sexual and Intimate Lives of Adults with Intellectual Disabilities

My main body of work investigates the romantic and sexual experiences of adults with intellectual disabilities in Ontario, Canada, by putting into conversation theories from the sociology of sexualities, sociology of culture, and critical disability studies. It uses a sexual fields analytic framework (Green 2014) to explore the consequences of sexual stratification on the experiences of people with intellectual disabilities.


(Digit@l) Sexual Fields Framework

Drawing on a sexual fields framework (Green 2014), and in collaboration with my colleague Nicole Andrejek (McMaster University), I also have an interest in better understanding sexual and romantic relationships in the current digital age. This stream aims to contribute to the sociology of sexualities by expanding Green’s sexual fields framework to form a theory of “digital sexual fields.” In doing so, we highlight how current theoretical, methodological, and analytical frameworks can be reimagined to understand online spaces as cultural arenas in which people’s romantic and sexual lives are negotiated.


Intersections of Critical Disability Studies & Critical Animal Studies

More recently, through collaboration with a colleague (Sarah May Lindsay, McMaster University) who is a scholar in critical animal studies, I have also turned my attention to the fascinating intersections of critical disability studies and critical animal studies. Sarah and I are currently co-guest editing a special issue of the Canadian Journal of Disability Studies that addresses this intersection.   

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