Peer-Reviewed Journal Articles

Santinele Martino, A. (forthcoming). “I don’t want to get in trouble”: A Study of How Adults with Intellectual Disabilities Convert and Navigate Intellectual Disability Sexual Fields. Culture, Health & Sexuality.

Santinele Martino, A. (forthcoming). “I hang out with non-Christians all the time. I just won’t date them”: The Role of Religion in the Intimate Lives of People with Intellectual Disabilities. Journal of Applied Research in Intellectual Disabilities.

Santinele Martino, A. (forthcoming).The Intersection of Sexuality and Intellectual Disability: Shattering the Taboo. Introducing the New Sexuality Studies. Edited by Nancy Fischer and Laurel Westbrook.

Santinele Martino, A., & Fudge Schormans, A. (2021). Theoretical Developments: Queer Theory Meets Crip Theory. In Routledge Handbook of Disability and Sexuality, edited by R. Shuttleworth and L. Mona. Routledge.

Barken, R. & Santinele Martino, A. (2020). Doing Age, Doing Disability: The Lived Experiences of Older People Receiving Home Care. In The Aging/Disability Nexus (pp. 114-129), edited by K. Aubrecht, C. Kelly and C. Rice. Vancouver: University of British Columbia Press.

Santinele Martino, A. (2020). Also Here, Also Queer: The Work of Queer Disabled Activists/Scholars in “Cripping” Sexualities. In Young, Disabled and LGBT+: Voices, Identities and Intersections (pp. 13-28), edited by A. Toft, A. Franklin and E. Langley. New York: Routledge.

Marquis, E., Cheng, B., Nair, M., Santinele Martino, A., & Roxå, T. (2020). Cues, Emotions, and Experiences: How Teaching Assistants Make Decisions about Teaching. Journal of Further and Higher Education, 44(1), 29-42.

Santinele Martino, A. & Perreault-Laird, J. (2019). “I don’t know if I can talk about that”: An Exploratory Study on the Experiences of Direct Care Workers Regarding the Sexual Expression and Practices of People with Intellectual Disabilities. Disability Studies Quarterly, 39(3), n.p.

Santinele Martino, A. & Andrejek, N. (2019). “Normal” Citizens and the Transabled Other: A Sociological Analysis of Online Commenters Reactions to Transability. Deviant Behavior, 40(12), 1574-1586.

Santinele Martino, A. & Campbell, S. M. (2019). Exercising Intimate Citizenship Rights and (Re)Constructing Sexualities: The New Place of Sexuality in Disability Activism. In The Routledge Handbook of Disability Activism (pp. 97-109), edited by M. Berghs, T. Chataika, Y. El-Lahib and K. Dube. New York: Routledge.

Santinele Martino, A. (2019). “It is totally a power struggle”: Struggles over the sexuality of individuals with intellectual disabilities in Southern Alberta. In Dis/consent: Perspectives on Sexual Violence and Consensuality (pp. 98-107), edited by K. Malinen. Fernwood Press.

Santinele Martino, A. & Fudge Schormans, A. (2018). When Good Intentions Backfire: University Research Ethics Review and the Intimate Lives of People Labelled with Intellectual Disabilities. Forum: Qualitative Social Research, 19(3):Art. 9.

Santinele Martino, A. (2017). Cripping sexualities: An analytic review of theoretical and empirical writing on the intersection of disabilities and sexualities. Sociology Compass, 11(5), e12471–n/a.

Edited Special Journal Issues and Book Volumes


Douglas, P. & Santinele Martino, A. (2020). Introduction: Disability Studies in Education—Critical Conversations. Canadian Journal of Disability Studies, 9(5), 1-19.

Santinele Martino, A. & Lindsay, S. M. (2020). Introduction: The Intersections of Critical Disability Studies and Critical Animal Studies. Canadian Journal of Disability Studies, 9(2), 1-9.

Campbell, S. M., Löfgren-Mårtenson, C., & Santinele Martino, A. (2020). “Cripping” Sex Education. Sex Education, 20(4), 361-365.

In Progress

Douglas, P. & Santinele Martino, A. (proposal in progress, Canadian Scholars Press). Disability Studies in Education.

Book and Film Reviews

Santinele Martino, Alan. 2018. “Book Review: Phallacies: Historical Intersections of Disability and Masculinity & Disability and Masculinities: Corporeality, Pedagogy and the Critique of Otherness.” Men and Masculinities 21(4):576-578.

Santinele Martino, Alan. 2016. Review of Corbett O’Toole’s “Fading Scars: My Queer Disabled History.” Canadian Journal of Disability Studies 5(2): 205-211.

Santinele Martino, Alan and Vanja Spirić. 2014. The Giver: Movie Review. Disability Studies Quarterly 34(4): 18.

Non Peer-Reviewed Publications

Santinele Martino, A., Fudge Schormans, A., & Campbell, M. (2020). COVID-19 has isolated disabled people from family, love, sex. The Conversation. Retrieved from:

Santinele Martino, A. (2017). Intertwined Futures in the Face of Unnatural Boundaries. Critical Ethnic Studies Blog. Retrieved from:

Under Review

Santinele Martino, A. “Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus”: The Gender Habitus of Adults with Intellectual Disability.

Andrejek, N., Santinele Martino, A., & Ginic, M. “Put Some Sugar on… You”: Negotiations of Sexual Capital Among Sugar Daddies Soliciting Sugar Babies Online.

Marquis, B., Santinele Martino, A., & Fowell, T. Teaching at the Intersections: Identity, Social Location, and the Experiences of Teaching Assistants.

Works in Progress

Santinele Martino, A. Reflections from the Field: Researching the Intimate Lives of Adults with Intellectual Disabilities.

Lindsay, S. M. & Santinele Martino, A. Addressing the “Tragic Problem” of “Pet Overpopulation”: Speciesism and Ableism in Non-Human Animal Shelters’ Websites in Ontario, Canada.

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