Peer-Reviewed Journal Articles

Santinele Martino, Alan and Jordyn Perreault-Laird. 2019. “‘I don’t know if I can talk about that’: An Exploratory Study on the Experiences of Direct Care Workers Regarding the Sexual Expression and Practices of People with Intellectual Disabilities.” Disability Studies Quarterly.

Santinele Martino, Alan and Nicole Andrejek. 2019. “‘Normal’ Citizens and the Transabled Other: A Sociological Analysis of Online Commenters Reactions to Transability.” Deviant Behavior.

Santinele Martino, Alan and Ann Fudge Schormans. 2018. “When Good Intentions Backfire: University Research Ethics Review and the Intimate Lives of People Labelled with Intellectual Disabilities.” Forum: Qualitative Social Research 19(3):Art. 9.

Marquis, Elizabeth, Breagh Cheng, Mythili Nair, Alan Santinele Martino, and Torgny Roxå. 2018. “Cues, Emotions, and Experiences: How Teaching Assistants Make Decisions about Teaching.” Journal of Further and Higher Education.

Santinele Martino, Alan. 2017. “Cripping Sexualities: An Analytic Review of Theoretical and Empirical Writing on the Intersection of Disabilities and Sexualities,” Sociology Compass 11(5).

Book Chapters

Santinele Martino, Alan and Ann Fudge Schormans. (forthcoming). “Theoretical Developments: Queer Theory Meets Crip Theory.” In Russell Shuttleworth and Linda Mona, eds. Routledge Handbook of Disability and Sexuality.

Barken, Rachel and Alan Santinele Martino. (forthcoming). “Doing Age, Doing Disability: The Lived Experiences of Older People Receiving Home Care.” In The Aging/Disability Nexus edited by Katie Aubrecht, Christine Kelly and Carla Rice. University of British Columbia Press.

Santinele Martino, Alan. 2020. “Also Here, Also Queer: The Work of Queer Disabled Activists/Scholars in ‘Cripping’ Sexualities.” In Alex Toft, Anita Franklin and Emma Langley, eds. Young, Disabled and LGBT+: Voices, Identities and Intersections. Routledge.

Santinele Martino, Alan. 2019. “‘It is totally a power struggle’: Struggles over the sexuality of individuals with intellectual disabilities in Southern Alberta.” In Dis/consent: Perspectives on Sexual Violence and Consensuality edited by KelleyAnne Malinen. Fernwood Press.

Santinele Martino, Alan and Sarah Margaret Campbell. (2019). “Exercising Intimate Citizenship Rights and (Re)Constructing Sexualities: The New Place of Sexuality in Disability Activism.” In The New Disability Activism: Current Trends, Shifting Priorities and (Uncertain) Future Directions edited by Dr. Maria Berghs, Dr. Tsitsi Chataika and Dr. Yahya El-Lahib. Routledge.

Book and Film Reviews

Santinele Martino, Alan. 2018. “Book Review: Phallacies: Historical Intersections of Disability and Masculinity & Disability and Masculinities: Corporeality, Pedagogy and the Critique of Otherness.” Men and Masculinities 21(4):576-578.

Santinele Martino, Alan. 2016. Review of Corbett O’Toole’s “Fading Scars: My Queer Disabled History.” Canadian Journal of Disability Studies 5(2): 205-211.

Santinele Martino, Alan and Vanja Spirić. 2014. The Giver: Movie Review. Disability Studies Quarterly 34(4): 18.

Under Review

Andrejek, Nicole, Alan Santinele Martino, and Marija Ginic. (major revisions). “’Put Some Sugar on… You’: Negotiations of Sexual Capital Among Sugar Daddies Soliciting Sugar Babies Online.”

Marquis, Beth, Alan Santinele Martino, and Tianna Fowell. “Teaching at the Intersections: Identity, Social Location, and the Experiences of Teaching Assistants.” 

Works in Progress

Santinele Martino, Alan. “‘I haven’t played that field very much in my life’: The Erotic Habitus of Adults with Intellectual Disabilities in Ontario, Canada.”

Santinele Martino, Alan. “Cripping” the Sexual Fields Framework: The Romantic and Intimate Lives of Adults with Intellectual Disabilities.

Santinele Martino, Alan. “I hang out with non-Christians all the time. I just won’t date them”: The Role of Religion in the Intimate Lives of People with Intellectual Disabilities.

Lindsay, Sarah May and Alan Santinele Martino. “Addressing the “Tragic Problem” of “Pet Overpopulation”: Speciesism and Ableism in Non-Human Animal Shelters’ Websites in Ontario, Canada.”

Santinele Martino, Alan, Beth Marquis, and Breagh Cheng. “It’s Kind of Like Preparing for a Performance: Teaching Assistants’ Experiences with Teaching and Impressions Management.”

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