Disability & Sexuality Project

The Project:

The goal of this project is to give adults with intellectual disabilities a space to talk about their romantic and sexual lives in their own words. I want to learn about what could help people with intellectual disabilities to have pleasing and safe romantic and sexual experiences. I will write about the happy, sad, and angry times people with intellectual disabilities have in their romantic and sexual lives. Being interviewed will let you tell non-disabled people what is important to you when it comes to your romantic and sexual life.


Who am I?

I am Alan Santinele Martino. I am a Ph.D. candidate in the Department of Sociology at McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario. I have done research about disability and sexuality since my undergrad. My past work with people with intellectual disabilities made me want to learn more about disability and sexuality.


What will happen during the study?

1. I will tell you about my project.

2. I will ask if you want to be interviewed.

3. If you agree, we will agree on a time and place for me to interview you.

4. The interview will take around 1 hour.

5. The interview will be informal.

6. I will ask if I can record the interview. The recording will help me to not forget anything important.

7. I will also take notes by hand.


What do we talk about during the interview?

I will ask you about your romantic and sexual experiences. Some questions may be:

● What do you look for in a romantic/sexual partner?

● Where do you go to find a romantic/sexual partner?

● How do you go about meeting potential romantic/sexual partners?

● How do you form and maintain romantic/sexual relationships?

● What kinds of supports have you faced in accessing the romantic/sexual life you want?

● What kinds of barriers have you faced in accessing the romantic/sexual life you want?


For more information about the study, CLICK HERE.

Recruitment Postcard

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